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For more than 30 years we've committed ourselves to being the preferred manufacture of quality gas permeable lenses to the eye care professional.  GP Specialists is a leader in Myopia Management Solutions.

We offer single vision, keretaconus, toric and ortho-k rgp lenses to meet the needs of each of your patients. We proudly design and manufacture a variety of orthokeratology rgp lenses, also known as corneal reshaping technology to help reshape the way the world sees.

Whether it is the FDA Approved Fargo Lens or the advanced iSee Ortho-k design, the GOV series or Paragon’s CRT we are confident you will find a GP lens design that works for you and your patient.   GP Specialists is also the preferred lab for the OrthoTool doctor designed myopia management custom contact lens software.

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Myopia Management


GP Specialists offers the widest selection of GP orthokeratology corneal reshaping designs. We manufacturer the iSee, Fargo, Gov and OrthoTool designs. We are a leading Paragon CRT laboratory distributor. GP Specialists has been consulting and manufacturing Ortho-K lenses for over 20 years.


The iSight-MCL center distance multifocal soft contact lens was specifically designed for children and teenagers. The iSight-MCL design provides ultra-clear, near and distant vision. iSight-MCL lenses meet the needs of patients who could not adapt to the overnight wear of Ortho-k lenses.


The CXL-Scleral and iSight-Scleral designs offer solutions with patients with irregular corneas. The scleral GP lenses often are used for post-LASIK patients with ocular and visual complications. The scleral designs also assist dry eye patients and post corneal cross-linking (CXL) procedure patients.

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iSee / Fargo Ortho-K Lens

iSight CXL Scleral Lens

iSee 2 - Coming Soon

YamaKone Keratoconus Lens

iSight MCL Lens

GOV Ortho-K Lens

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Orthokeratology has become an integral part of my practice and GP Specialists has played an fundamental role in making that possible. Our practice has benefited from the depth of knowledge from years of manufacturing and design experience at GP Specialists. The variety of Ortho-K lens designs they offer is a one stop shop for a new practitioner who is still in the process of mastering the art and science of fitting, as no one design is perfect for all patients. For both the new practitioner and the seasoned veteran GP Specialists lens policy sets the standard for all labs. Partnering with GP Specialist has been the best decision for our practice on both the business and treatment fronts. I would recommend GP Specialists to all practitioners.

Dr. Sukhdev Gill

Advanced Eyecare

Mark Cosgrove at GP is a master fitter and gives great consulting advice to achieve the best results for my patients. With each difficult situation our practice faces, his lenses hit a home run basically every single time offering 20/20 on the first morning! For our toughest patients, he will recommend GOV ortho-k lenses and they have been fabulous for Rx's beyond the scope of parameters & needs that typical ortho-k lenses handle. GP makes me and my patients very happy. No fitting sets needed. I'm more than happy dispensing GP Specialists products to my patients and have 100% confidence in doing so.

Alice A. Cusner

O.D., P.C.

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