Fluoroperm 151100YesBlue, Crystal Blue
Fluoroperm 3030YesBlue, Majestic Blue, Green, Clear, Gray
Fluoroperm 6043YesBlue, Green, Clear, Violet, Brown
Fluoroperm 9264 YesBlue, Green, Clear
Optacryl 6014 NoBlue, Green, Gray, Clear
Paragon HDS 40Yes Blue, Crystal Blue, Green, Forest Green, Violet
Paragon HDS 100100 NoBlue, Green, Yellow, Violet
Paraperm 0216 No Blue, Green, Clear, Electric Blue, Cool Green
Paragon Hi 1.5422NoBlue, Green
Paraperm EW41No Blue, Green, Clear
Paragon Thin23 NoBlue, Green
Paragon High Index 30NoBlue, Green
Boston II 12NoBlue, Clear
Boston IV 19 No Blue, Clear
Boston ES 18YesBlue, Green, Gray, Brown, Ice Blue
Boston EO 58Yes Blue, Green, Gray, Brown, Ice Blue, Electric Blue
Boston XO100 YesBlue, Green, Ice Blue, Violet, Yellow, Red
Boston XO2141YesBlue, Green, Ice Blue, Violet
Equalens47 NoBlue, Clear
Equalens II 85 NoBlue, Green, Clear
Additional Materials Dk UV Color
Fluorex 300 24No Blue, Green, Clear, Brown, Gray
Fluorex 500 30NoBlue, Green, Clear, Brown, Gray
Fluorex 700 41No Blue, Green, Clear, Brown, Gray
SGP I15 NoBlue, Green, Clear, Brown, Gray
SGP II32NoBlue, Green, Clear, Brown, Gray
SGP 332NoBlue, Green, Clear
PMMA0 NoAvailable in Multiple Colors
TYRO-97 97YesBlue, Green, Gray, Brown, Viloet, Clear, Tyreen
SA-18 18NoAvailable in Multiple Colors
SA-32 32 NoAvailable in Multiple Colors
ONSI-5656 YesBlue, Green, Gray, Brown, Violet, Clear, Onzure
HYDRO-250 NoOcean Blue, Green, Soft Blue
FLOSI26 Yes Medium and dark shades of blue, green, Gray, brown
Optimum Classic26Yes Blue, Glacier Blue, Green, Gray
Optimum Comfort65YesBlue, Glacier Blue, Green, Gray
Optimum Extra100 YesBlue, Glacier Blue, Green, Gray, Clear
Optimum Extreme125YesBlue, Green
Hybrid FS 31 NoBlue, Green
Optimum HR 1.51 50 NoBlue, Green
Optimum HR 1.53 26 NoBlue, Green