Paragon CRT

Paragon CRT


Paragon CRT® was the first FDA approved overnight corneal reshaping lens.

Approval is up to -6.00D sphere, with or without 1.75D cylinder –

There are no age restrictions when prescribing Paragon CRT*

*When fitting children in Paragon CRT, parental involvement with consideration of the patient’s maturity level is strongly recommended, along with a signed informed consent by the parent and child. Call your Paragon representative for an electronic and customizable version of an informed consent.

Proximity Control Technology®

  • Patented sigmoid curve geometry vs. reverse geometry
  • Safe tangent landing vs. lens impingement
  • Predictable fitting logic with professional control
AquaComfort® Plasma Treatment

  • Enhances initial patient comfort and lens wettability

  • AquaComfort Plasma Treatment is standard on all lens orders unless otherwise specified

The Only Laser Marked Corneal Reshaping Lens

Laser marked for parameter & brand verification

Harmonic Front & Back Surface

  • Provides up to 30% thinner lens design

  • Enhanced patient comfort and increased oxygen transmissibility

Manufactured in Paragon HDS® 100

For over 30 years, Paragon Vision Sciences has been at the forefront of research and development, including a 10-year R&D project with NASA involving studies aboard three Space Shuttle missions. This project led to the development of the technology behind the material used to manufacture Paragon CRT; Paragon HDS® 100. Prescribe Paragon HDS100 for your GP patients: 101 Dk (ISO/ANSI), DW and EW Approval, Excellent material to promote corneal health.


The 100-Lens Diagnostic Dispensing System (DDS):

  • Up to 80% immediate dispensing

  • Saves chair time & increases profitability

  • Fewer patient visits, delivering improved convenience

  • Immediate fit assessment with in-office lens changes, if needed

  • Innovative Practice Management & Marketing Support Kit

  • 90-Day Risk Free Test Drive. 30/60/90 day billing

  • Two staff members receive one complimentary pair of CRT lenses

  • Up to three immediate family members receive half price CRT lenses

  • CRT certification required

CRT® SureFit® Dispensing System:

  • Three lenses per eye shipped with each CRT SureFit order

  • For patients that fall within the following parameters:

    • Flat “K” Readings between 41.00D and 45.00D

    • Spectacle Fix (vertexed power) up to -4.00D

    • Corneal Cylinder up to -1.00D

  • Saves chair time and increases profitability

  • Fewer patient visits, delivering improved convenience

  • Immediate fit assessment with in-office lens changes, if needed

  • Consumer marketing material available upon request

  • Two staff members receive one complimentary pair of CRT lenses

  • CRT certification required

  • Traditional Warranty Program

  • Prescribe Paragon CRT by fitting empirically

  • Two free exchanges within 90 days, if needed

  • Professionally trained consultants assist in parameter selection

  • CRT certification required

FDA Required Educational Certification Program

Paragon recommends corneal topography for pre and post-dispensing evaluations.

CRT Can Improve Your Annual Gross Profit

Corneal reshaping is quickly entering the mainstream of contact lens fitting and practices around the world have begun capturing new market share, while enjoying the incremental revenue that CRT can provide. With mainstream practices focusing on increased profit-per-patient, CRT provides a seamless way to achieve higher profit margins while minimizing chair time.

“With CRT®, my results were consistent and the lenses were easier to fit than other Ortho-K designs I’ve worked with.” –D.A.

“CRT® SureFit® saves chair time and reduces office visits. The convenience of getting three lenses per eye means I don’t have to carry an inventory in my small practice.” –D.C.

Paragon CRT® Rx Lenses

Pricing is per lens and is non-warranted. With every two full-priced CRT Rx lenses purchased on the same order, you are eligible to receive one free Patient Care Kit. Please notify Paragon Customer Service when you are in need of the care kits. Your qualifying kits will be shipped via ground delivery. To provide improved wettability and comfort, CRT lenses are automatically plasma treated.

Paragon CRT® Spare Lenses

Pricing is per lens and is non-warranted. Spare lenses allow you to offer patients a reduced price on a spare pair to ensure uninterrupted treatment, in case of lost or broken lenses. Spare lenses must be ordered within 90 days of the primary CRT Rx lens order. Spare lens orders must indicate the original serial number, a patient name, or patient ID, and must be clarified as a spare lens at the time of order. Only one spare lens order per primary CRT Rx dispensed lens is allowed. Spare lens orders do not qualify to receive a CRT Patient Care kit.

Paragon CRT® 100-Lens Diagnostic Dispensing System

The CRT 100-Lens DDS includes: Fitting manual and CRT lens selector slide chart, one (1) wratten filter, three (3) patient care kits, practice management tools including information on Care Credit, a consumer finance program, unlimited consultation and clinical support. The CRT 100-Lens DDS offers a 90-day Risk Free Test Drive with three equal installment payments (30/60/90 day terms). The CRT 100-Lens DDS is fully refundable within 90 days. If the 100-Lens DDS is returned and dispensed lenses were not replaced, the practitioner will be billed the current per-lens rate for all dispensed lenses. The Practice Management Kit and Paragon CRT certificate are required upon return.

Paragon CRT® SureFit®

CRT SureFit provides a single-use, 3-lens per eye fitting and dispensing system which will ensure a high probability of day-1, first fit success. Certified CRT practitioners, with or without a 100-Lens DDS can order CRT SureFit by calling their CRT Authorized Laboratory with the patients “K” Readings and Spectacle Refraction. Non-dispensed CRT SureFit lenses must be returned to Paragon in the pre-paid self-addressed envelope within 90 days of the original invoice date to avoid additional charges of $92.50 per lens. Corneal Reshaping patients qualify for CRT SureFit when they meet the following criteria: Flat “K” Readings between 41.00D-45.00D, Spectacle Rx (vertexed) of -4.00D and below, with or without 1.00D of corneal cylinder.

Paragon CRT® Traditional Warranty Rx Program

The Warranty Program is a simple and cost effective way for practitioners to fit CRT empirically, with or without DDS. Practitioners ordering under the warranty program must request the Warranty option at the time of order. Two free exchanges within 90 days of the original Warranty order date apply. Exchange lenses must be returned to Paragon within 45 days of the exchange order being placed. One pair of lenses must be maintained and is not eligible for return/exchange. If a third exchange lens is needed, the Warranty Program can re-start, or the practitioner can choose to purchase a non-warranted CRT Rx lens.

*Warranty exchange lenses must be ordered from the same CRT Authorized Laboratory.

Paragon CRT® Extension Sets

The 36-Lens CRT Extension Set includes four base curves: 8.9, 9.0, 9.1, and 9.2. Each base curve consists of 9 lenses each. All four base curves must be purchased at the same time to receive the 36-lens special pricing. Individual 9-Lens CRT Extension Sets can be ordered by requesting the base curve desired: 8.9, 9.0, 9.1, or 9.2.