Ortho Tool

Simplify and Visualize with OrthoTool™

OrthoTool™ is the product of over 30 years of research and experience. The OrthoTool software simplifies your workflow, saves you time, and helps you and your patients visualize complex lens designs.

Orthotool™ is the current iteration of contact lens design, modeling, and manufacturing software which has evolved over the last 25 years. Our current software allows contact lens fitters to enter traditional patient information (K’s and spectacle Rx), suggests the presence of certain pathology, makes lens design suggestions, and allows the user to “point and click" a number of different lens designs and fitting techniques. Once a design is selected, Orthotool performs the optical calculations, displays the complete lens parameters and manufacturing data, displays a cross section model of the lens and a lens thickness profile, and graphs the tear film thickness across the lens diameter.

  • More designs including 5 Controlled Clearance™ Orthokeratology Designs
  • Virtually everything you need on one convenient screen
  • Easy to use with keratometry or corneal topography
  • Resolve cross cylinders over refractions with our Toric Soft Lens Calculator
  • Design a wide variety of RGP lenses faster and more reliably