GP Lens

Trio Series Multifocals

Is the presbyopic generation challenging you with its need for clearer reading ability while you try to minimize chair time?

To help you fulfill the needs of the presbyopic generation, GP Specialists offers the Trio Multifocal Series: a series of three bi-aspheric gas permeable multifocals including a high-add option.

PCS – Polycon 2 Substitute

GP Specialists is pleased to offer PCS lens. The PCS is the perfect substitute for the Polycon 2® custom made to order lens which is no longer available from CibaVision®. With our unique knowledge of the Polycon 2 made to order lens design, the PCS is the perfect substitute for your made to order lens needs.

Nulife Multifocal

This multifocal lens is designed to restore normal acuity throughout your patient’s visual field. This allows your patient to have simultaneous for near, far and in-between vision. The break through optical design achieves no searching for distance vision with a “magic middle.” The Nulife Multifocal also is a guaranteed fit lens.

Target Multifocal

As a Concentric Lens, this lens design utilizes concentric or annular rings in a bulls-eye pattern. The distance correction is in the center, surrounded by the outer circle as the near correction. The Target Multifocal is our multifocal of choice for higher adds.

Orthokeratology – Corneal Reshaping Therapy


The iSee/Fargo Lens design is an FDA approved overnight corneal reshapping lens that is exclusive to GP Specialists. Introduced in the late 90’s this design is one of the first FDA approved lenses and has years of market research behind it. With virtually no age restriction this reshaping lens is safe, effective, predictable and reversible.

Global-OK Vision

The series of patented GOV® lens designs, in conjunction with the ArtMost® platform, enable eye care practitioners and doctors to treat a far more extensive range of vision problems than ever before; including high myopia, manifest hyperopia, presbyopia, and vision improvement for Keratoconus as well as post Lasik surgical rehabilitation, without any requirement for surgery.

Paragon CRT

The Paragon CRT lens design was the first FDA approved ortho-k lens available and has become one of the most recognized corneal reshaping lenses today. With their most recent introduction of their surefit program, a single use, 3-lens per eye fitting and dispensing system which will ensure a high probability of day-1, first fit success.

Additional Speciality Lenses

Soper Cone – Keratoconus

Soper Cone lenses are specially designed for the treatment of Keratoconus. The design of these lenses mimic the shape contours that Keratoconus presents. This design can be manufactured in any material offered through GP Specialists and shipped same day.

DMP – Doctors Myopia Prevention

The DMP design offers a larger diameter for maximum comfort, no peripheral distortions and cornea rehabilitation. This design provides corneal integrity in daily wear and clarity in active sports wear. Maybe made virtually in any prescription enabling the patient to have confidence in performance during any lifestyle activity.

ALS – Alignment Series

The ALS lens is a solution for post refractive surgery.